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Many will not read this, and that is perfectly fine!

Right after being with God this morning, I came to the conclusion that, as a believer, as a follower of Christ, as a BIBLE-BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, as a preacher, and indeed as a citizen of the Kingdom of God representing Christ among men and representing the Lord in the affairs of the nation where God placed me to function as a citizen and to function under the laws of this nation (especially the laws that uphold our faith in God and in the Scriptures), that NO ONE will silence me. NO ONE! That I will speak out from the pulpit the Word of God, with love and compassion, but based on the truth of the Scripture. That I will speak from the radio the Word of God, that I will speak in the market place, in the Post Office, in Walmart, wherever God wants me to speak out his Word, and the principles, values and convictions that He has instilled in me. But that I will also speak against tyranny, against sin (even my own), against unrighteousness, because I am just a sinner saved by Grace, but with a duty to call men to repentance. And whether people agree with me or not, I HUMBLY submit to you that I AM A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST and not a follower of man. But I won't follow those who deny my Lord whether religious or political leaders.

That I will also speak my voice based on the Scripture. That DOESN'T MEAN that I am ALWAYS RIGHT, or that I KNOW-IT ALL, that simply means that I KNOW WHERE I STAND and I stand upon JESUS THE ROCK OF AGES. That I am a first a BELIEVER IN CHRIST, a FOLLOWER OF JESUS, and A CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE citizen. That I WILL ALWAYS speak against abortion, and those who ENDORSE IT. That abortion is wrong, is a sin and is a crime before the eyes of God, and that I will not support ANY candidate that that is pro-crime, because again, ABORTION IS A CRIME before the eyes of the ALMIGHTY!

That I will also speak my voice, based on the Bible, that gay or homosexual relationships are a sin and an abomination before God, and I will not support and will not vote for a candidate, ANY candidate, whether Democrat, Independent, Republican, Libertarian or Communist that is in favor Gay Marriage. That Marriage is an institution established by God, and that marriage between a man and another man, or a woman with another woman, is an Abomination before God.

That I will not support or vote for ANY Candidate that support Islamic Terrorists and that receive funds from Islamic Countries that support raping and killing children, Christian women, or women that do not abide by their terror tactics. Countries that harbor terrorists and that openly persecute, kill, burn and behead Christians, and even that kill and behead homosexuals. Because even though I disagree with their lifestyle, they are still individuals and people before the eyes of their Creator. How can ANY believer and follower of Christ can vote for such a candidate?

That I will not support or vote for ANY Candidate that wants the implementation of Sharia-Law in our country, or that would like to sell the Sovereignty of our nation to the United Nations agenda of the new world order. But, pastor, you may ask, "Doesn't the Bible prophecy that all of this is going to happen anyways?" Indeed! Christ said and warned us of all of these, BUT HE NEVER SAID: "GO AHEAD AND PLAY ALONG WITH THE AGENDA OF THE anti-Christ.

1 John 2:18-19 (Deceptions of the Last Hour)

"18 Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour. 19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us."

That I will not support ANY Candidate that is for Open Borders and put at risk the safety and security of our nation. That I will not support ANY Candidate that for years and consistently both in words and actions, have betrayed our Christian Heritage, the Christian faith, our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values just for Fame, Fortune and Power. ANY Candidate that in consorcio with others and continuously behind doors are plotting against conservative values, plotting against my faith in God, plotting against our freedoms and liberties, including THIS RIGHT, yes my right to speak out and to let others know my stand as a CHRISTIAN, as a Pastor, as a Husband, as a Father, as a Preacher and as a citizen. That I will get involved in the process by letting others know the truth, and that I will not be sold out just because of free-phones, or free-college, or free food-stamps, or free-stuff, and in doing that they disrespect those hard-working AMERICANS, hard working individuals, whether a person-entity or a corporation-entity, that are working hard to pay taxes, but at the same time working hard to suceed. And that the problem is not the taxes that are collected from hard-working-Americans, but the overwhelming overspending in programs and entitlements that have created a generation of lazy, government dependent parasites that suck the life of our tax-payers. WE ARE OVERTAXED already, and candidates running the country, or running for office, they want to continue SUCKING more of the livelihood of hard-working Americans, many of them defending the very freedoms that these vampires of power are sucking out of our lives.

I will not support or vote for a candidate that will change the nomenclature of the Supreme Court to place justices that will erode, trash and misinterpret our Constitution, simply to legislate from the bench as some of the run-away-judges have done, to simply satisfy the few, the bad and the ugly.

Whether you love me or hate me, like me or despise me, respect me or mistrust me, follow me or abandon me, believe me or don't believe me, I will respect your decision to vote, if you decide to vote for such a candidate, and I will continue loving you, caring for you, and praying for you, whoever you are. Specially praying that you do not compromise your values, your principles, and your faith in God and in God's Word. Whether you believe it or not, your vote will characterize not only what you believe, but who you are.

Ultimately bothers, sisters and friends, my duty is towards God, and I will continue doing what HE commands me to do, convicts me to do and demands from me to do, based on my faith in HIM, and in the Scriptures, and in the duty that He asks me to fulfill as a follower of Christ and as a citizen. If you decide not to be my friend or my bother or my sister anymore, because of MY STAND, that is also your right and your prerogative, and I will respect your decision.

I WILL NOT, I repeat, I WILL NOT tell you for whom you should vote, that's between you, your God (whoever he is) and your conscious. And as much as I've been outspoken against the current president, and the current candidate running for the Democratic Party, ultimately it's your decision. I WILL continue living in Christ and believing in HIS Word, and preaching the Gospel and speaking against injustice, and against immorality, whether in government or within the church, not because I am "perfect" or "holier" than you, but because I am a sinner saved by grace, by faith, and because of God's Mercy I am who I am. BECAUSE I KNOW that whosoever this nation decides to vote for and whosoever is elected by the nation, I WILL ACCEPT AND FACE the CONSEQUENCES OF SUCH DECISION!

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