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Sanctimonious Politicians

It is inmoral and hypocritical of those "sanctimonious" politicians, Hollywood wicked actors, and Liberal Media, complaining about a man's sexual behavior (which is still inexcusable), while on the other hand they want to change laws and common laws for people ( a man that "feels" like a woman, or a woman that "feels" like a man, or someone that feels that has three or more sexual manifestations [transgender or transformers, etc.) to use the bathroom in which they feel more "comfortable" or more "identified" with, even though they are of the opposite sex, or with no sex at all. Just think (if you can do that, if you can really think) of how much groping, peeping toms, voyeurism and sexual assaults will occur, especially in our schools and educational centers, at work and other public restrooms. I just can't comprehend the logical of liberal politicians and much worst how so called decent people, or Christians can follow that same "logic." The national anthem subject will be for another time!

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