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Alentemos a Nuestros Hijos a Buscar a Dios

Cuando nos animamos o alentamos a nuestros hijos a buscar a Dios, a orar, a leer la Palabra, a asistir a la casa de Dios, a tener compañerismo con otros de igual fe, los empujamos lejos de Dios. Luego cuando se apartan, viene el lloro y el lamento. No es asunto de empujarlos, obligarlos, insultarlos, o mandarles "religión" por la garganta, sino a desarrollar una relación personal con Jesucristo y con su iglesia. Cuando ponemos otras cosas como prioridad por encima de Dios, lo que hacemos es ahuyentarlos lejos de Dios. Cuando los empujamos a trabajar en otra cosas, mas que adorar a Dios, se tornarán a los ídolos: otras cosas! Algo para meditar en esta noche!

When we do not encourage o motivate our children to seek God, and to pray, to read the Bible, and to attend to the house of God to have fellowship with others of like faith, we push them away from God. Then they depart from God, and there comes the crying and the lamentation. It is not a matter of pushing them, to obligate them, to insult them or to put "religion" down their throat, but to give them the example and to help them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with His church. When we put other things as priority above God, what we are doing is pushing them away from God. If you push them to work, more than to worship, they will turn to "idols:" other things. Something to meditate tonight! "You cannot serve two masters, because you will hate one and love the other one, or will be faithful to one and will despise the other one. You cannot serve God and money." (Matthew 6:24)

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