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NBA, NFL, or any other league, if your players are ashamed of the Flag and of this Country, maybe you can move to a country where you don't make the kind of money you make here. Maybe to a communist country or to an oppressive Arab country, where they have "better social justice." Also to performers in your games, if you don't want to honor the National Anthem, and you are ashamed of our country: "YOU ARE FREE TO ROAM OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY AND STAY OUT." While there are true heroes that have died for our Flag, for our Country and for our Freedom, many of them who do not make not even 1/10th of the money that these players make (talking about social injustice), these protesters should simply move. They make tons of $$$$$ for simply run for a ball, while our soldiers and service personnel run for their lives. These NBA, NFL, etc. players sue their leagues for head concussions, while our soldiers, many of them come back to their home land crippled, without limbs, emotionally battered, and with lots of physical and emotional issues, paying the price for the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy, and defending the very flag that these charlatans desecrate! And if you leave the country, make sure that you leave the bills that says: United States of America and in God we Trust!

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